Washington Commanders Week 11 All-22 Film Breakdown

This week on offense I breakdown a couple of bad throws Heinicke made. I also breakdown the touchdown run by Samuel and a huge third down run from Robinson. On defense I breakdown the good D-line play throughout the game. Finally I look at both of the interceptions the defense forced.

Heinicke’s bad throws

This should’ve been an interception on the second play of the game.

Heinicke looks like he’s playing shortstop on this throw.

Offensive Run Game

Curtis Samuel has a nice touchdown run on this play.

Brian Robinson carries defenders on this third down run.

Strong day by the Defensive Line

Jon Allen blows the center up and stuffs the run.

Casey Toohill sheds the tackle and stuffs the run.

Payne beats the LG and gets his only sack of the game.

Ridgeway looks like he’s trying out for the WWE with this tackle.

Only bad play from the defense

Another Linebacker covering a speed Wide out.

The two turnovers the defense forced on Sunday

Fuller has his first pick six of his career.

Amazing interception on a deflection by Forrest.

Wrap Up

The Commanders played a great game defensively last week, especially against the run. They will need to have another great game against the run on Sunday when they play Atlanta. The Falcons are third in rushing yards per game in the NFL this year. For the offense of the Commanders they will need to run the ball well and will need Heinicke to be more accurate. The Falcons are one of the worst passing defenses in the NFL. So Heinicke should have guys open on Sunday, but he will have to make the throws.

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