Washington Commanders Week 15 All-22 Film Breakdown

This week I break down some of the bad play calls throughout the game last week. I also breakdown both of the Heinicke fumbles and why they happened. For the defense I take a look at the only long drive the Giants had all game. Then I finish it up with what should’ve been touchdowns for the offense, but Heinicke somehow screwed it up.

The Bad Pay Calling

The first bad play call was an inside jet sweep to Samuel that got blown up immediately.

The next is another jet sweep to Samuel after a big run by Robinson.

The third bad play call is on a third and three and the Commanders run the ball inside with Samuel.

That last bad play call was after a big run by Robinson. They gave the ball out of the backfield to Samuel again and he would only get a yard. I do not understand why they feel like they need to give Samuel the ball out of the backfield when they have two better backs that can do it.


Heinicke can’t take a sack here and should probably throw it to Terry on the slant.

Heinicke should’ve kept this and would have picked up a few more yards.

Heinicke’s first fumble. The Commanders need to stop going empty with this bad O-line.

Heinicke’s second fumble. He needs to either throw the ball away here or keep two hands on the football in the pocket.

If Heinicke throws a better ball here to Samuel it would have been a touchdown.

The Drive

Commanders play a soft zone and give up a third and nine.

Commanders play man and McCain gets beat outside.

Barkley runs it in easily for a touchdown.

Best plays of the Game

Danny Johnson stepped up on the first drive breaking up back to back passes.

Jon Allen has a nice tackle for a loss.

Jahan Dotson Touchdown!!

Jahan Dotson has a big catch for 70 yards.

Brian Robinson takes Landon Collins ankles.

Wrap Up and Look Ahead

If the Commanders don’t have two turnovers they beat the Giants. This week against the 49ers they will need to stick with the run even if it does not work early. If the Commanders get pass happy Saturday it will be a long day for the quarterback and the offense will look terrible. For the defense they need to get pressure on the quarterback this week. If they do these things they will have a chance to pull off the upset on the road against the 49ers.

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