Two fights in one Tom Wilson versus Luke Schenn and John Erskine versus Vincent Lecavalier

ERI_5308_(5502687657)This was a mess, the Philideplhia Flyers came out playing dirty and this is where it got too heated. The first fight Tom Wilson faces off against Luke Schenn after a hit on a Washington Capitals player. Schenn was tangeled up and Wilson had a chance to really put a hurting on him but waited. Schenn got a really good punch in but it did not seem to phase Wilson that much. I am calling this fight a draw, it was a classy move by Wilson to not throw a punch while Schenn was down, Schenn probably would not have held up in that situation.

The Erskine fight was a mess, three Flyers players jump him before Vincent Lecavalier drops the mits. Erskine destroyed Lecavalier and it would have gotten bad if Lecavalier did not have his helmet on. Wayne Simmonds grabs Erskine at the end of the fight which allows Lecavalier to get a punch in on Erskine. How Simmonds did not get a third-man in penalty is beyond me, the officials needed to do a better job handing out penalties because they let the Flyers get away with a lot.

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