Trade Rumors: Henry to the Ravens Gaining Traction

With the NFL trade deadline coming up in less than a week, many rumors have been swirling around. One of the bigger stories gaining a lot of attention is Derrick Henry to join the Baltimore Ravens.

Once Dobbins was confirmed out for the season, everyone questioned if the Ravens would trade for a running back. Originally, Harbaugh had said that he was comfortable with their current backfield. As almost seven weeks have passed by now, it seems like that may have changed. Gus Edwards and Justice Hill have been average so far in the absence of Dobbins. Since the injury, Edwards has averaged 52.3 yards/game, and 4 yards/carry. Hill with 37.4 yards/game, and 5.6 yards/carry. Even with Lamar Jackson running the ball less this year he still leads the team in yards and touchdowns.

In the previous Baltimore offenses, Derrick Henry would be a dream come true to this team. Now with a more pass focused offense, people seem to be skeptical about how this could work. I think this would be a major upgrade, even if Henry isn’t necessarily a great receiving back. The Ravens’ main problem this year has been closing out games. Henry has made a career off closing out games by wearing out the defense with his power in the second half. That alone is enough for me to get on board with this trade.

Would the Titans be willing?

After the Titans traded Kevin Byard to the Eagles, it seems they are going to be sellers at the deadline. Henry and Hopkins are reported to be on the block for them. The Titans seem to be accepting reality and going into a rebuild as they are last in their division. If they were offered the right package with draft picks, I think it would be a very possible move. The Ravens have 8 picks coming up in the 2024 NFL Draft, giving them plenty of assets to start a trade.

Buck Reising, a reporter for the Titans, released an article stating Baltimore is the “most likely” trade partner for Henry. He also added that the Ravens were the most interested team in trading for him. I’ve seen multiple reports saying Baltimore is the best destination for Henry, but Reising is the most credible one I have found, as he is closest to the team.

Trade package

As the Titans seem to be in rebuild mode, it would be assumed that multiple draft picks would have to be offered. And we know DeCosta loves his draft picks. But last year he did surprise me when he sent a 2nd and 5th round pick to Chicago for Roquan Smith. I would imagine it would be a very similar trade package to acquire Henry. I also wouldn’t be shocked if WR Devin Duvernay was included in the package. This would free up some cap space as well. The Ravens would still be over on their cap but could fix it by restructuring Henry’s contract.

The Titans reportedly also want to send Henry to a contender so he can end his career on a high note. Henry will be 30 years old by the end of the season, but many teams believe he still has a couple more years of being very productive.

Credit to @zjcreation on Twitter

Also, just look how amazing “King Henry” would look in the purple and black! Credit to @zjcreation on Twitter.

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