Towson University Dance Team wins Nationals

The Towson University Dance Team won the NDA Nationals for the 15th straight year. NDA stands for the National Dance Alliance and the competition is the largest in the world and held in Daytona, Florida.  The Towson University Dance Team has won every time they have competed.

Going 15 for 15 in any sport is no easy task.  It takes a lot of practice and a lot of training.  Dancing routines have to be perfected and the girls have to be in great shape to do dance after dance.

“We train extremely hard, hours and hours of practice to our full potential.  So when we come to Daytona to preform we are fully prepared and it is not a shock to our bodies,” Mackenzie Kissel a junior member of the Towson Dance Team said.  “We make sure we clean the dance thoroughly so that everyone looks the same and the motions in the routine are built into our muscle memory.

Keep in mind that the whole dance team had to take a week away from school to compete in Daytona.  It is a commitment to school and the team that the girls have to sacrifice to achieve perfection.

Kissel said it is all about time management and learning their school and dance schedules.  School is important to all the girls and comes first.

“All of us have been dancing throughout our lives and so we have grown up with very hectic schedules and had to learn time management early,” Kissel said.  “After all school is a main priority and our coach understands that.”

Kissel says that they do a new routine every year that they prefect.

The dance team members deserve major congratulations for their accomplishments.  In the sports world repeats are rare to come by, in professional and college sports.

If the New England Patriots are called a dynasty for winning 3 out of 4 Super Bowls in the mid 2000’s then what do we call the Towson Dance Team?  Being perfect for a decade in a half, that is something the school can be proud of.

Here is a tweet from Kissel with a picture of the dance team.

Towson University has released this cool video on the Towson dance team.

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