Towson Dance team wins 16th straight championship

The Towson Tigers dance team won their 16th straight NDA National Championship yesterday in Daytona, Florida.  The NDA dance competition is the largest dance competition in the country and Towson’s dance team has dominated it.  Here is the story I wrote last year when the dance team won their 15th straight.

With the Towson Tigers football and basketball teams having great seasons the dance team may get overlooked.  Even while the football and basketball teams were having bad seasons the dance team has been constantly winning championships.  The Towson dance team may be the most under appreciated sports team in Maryland sports.

Winning the dance competition is not an easy task.  The dance competition takes the dance team a week away from school but practice and preparation included.  The hard work that the dance team puts into mastering their routines once again paid off.

The Towson Dance team has become a dancing dynasty and no one can argue with their results.

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