Top five most underrated bands, number five SR-71

It has been a slow period for Ravens news so I wanted to do something different. I will be counting down my top five most underrated bands, starting with number five.


Bio– A great Baltimore pop-punk band led by front-man Mitch Allen. They had three albums and only one of them went Gold, but do not let that trick you, each album is great.

Why they are underrated– Usually rock bands do not need other bands to cover their songs for them to become hits. That happened to SR-71, when Bowling for Soup covered the song 1985 it became an instant hit. They have tons of good songs that never have seen the light of day on the radio, only one song Right Now is still played on the radio.

How good are they really– Being the number five most underrated band I would say that they are very above average. They are in no means in the Metallica category of bands but they deserved more respect than what they got. Mitch Allen is a very good song writer and I would place them above some bands that receive frequent airtime, like Seether and Nickelback.

Rating of the band– B

Last comments– Call me a homer for picking a Baltimore band but the Baltimore references in their songs are nothing but awesome. Check out this gem of a song.

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