This Week In NXT 10th Edition: News and Recap

Welcome to This Week In NXT. The 10th Edition. Wow, can’t believe I’m up to ten of these already. We had another great week of NXT action. I have news for you all as well. So let’s get started.

Tomasso Ciampa continues to post his workout videos on his Instagram page as he continues his road to recovery from neck surgery. It’s very impressive to see how far he has come. You should check them out and follow his page (@nxtciampa). I haven’t heard when he’s due back yet but hopefully soon. With NXT moving to the USA Network next month, he could be a big star to help draw attention to the new live show. I’ll keep an eye on this and will update you if I hear any news on his comeback.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, WWE is in talks with Enzo and Cass about making a return to the company. WWE would like to make them a headline act for the NXT brand moving forward with their new TV deal. Say what you want about these guys, when they were in NXT they were over big time. Their music would hit and the fans went nuts. Myself included.

It is now being reported that this rumor is not true. Pro Wrestling Sheet has been told by a source in WWE that the company has no interest in the two former employees. I would not expect WWE to come out and say that they are ready to sign Enzo and Cass. That would spoil the surprise. We shall see what happens one way or the other.

Enzo and Cass reminded me of a modern-day New Age Outlaws. Another team I’m a huge fan of. I’d be ok with them making a comeback. As long as they keep them in NXT. When they went to the main roster, there was no real direction for them creatively. The split-up was a mistake. These two go together like peanut butter and jelly. I hope it happens. Now let’s get into the recap.

The first match of the night was Io Shirai vs Cami Fields. The match was ok. The main purpose was to continue to highlight Shirai’s heel turn. I love her entrance and new music. It fits her. Fields tried here but it was all about Shirai.

She started with a nice dropkick and was on the attack early. Fields got a little offense in. Shirai had the match won with the moonsault but she broke the pin to continue the attack. Shirai wins by submission. After the match, she gets a kendo stick and is about to attack Fields. All of a sudden Candice LeRae comes out. She takes the stick from Shirai and starts to swing it at her. This feud with these two ladies is far from over. I can see a street fight or another kind of gimmick match with these two real soon.

Up next, we got two nice video packages. One for Kushida highlighting some of his matches so far in NXT. What’s next for Kushida? I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen of him so far. He would be a guy featured more once NXT goes to the USA Network. A nice feud with the right opponent could do wonders for him.

The second video package was for Johnny Gargano. It showcased his time in NXT. From his time teaming with Ciampa in DIY to their feud that is one of the best, I’ve seen in years. They showed him winning all the belts in NXT and being the first grand slam champion in NXT history. The whole build-up was what’s next for Johnny Gargano. It was well done. WWE always does well with these. I don’t know what’s next for Johnny but he’s far from done. He’s just getting started.

The next match up was the match of the night for me. The rematch between Keith Lee and Dominic Dijakovic. Wow! This match below me away. I was on the edge of my seat. To see two guys that size move as well as they did in this match was unbelievable.

This was an evenly a balanced match as you could get. They traded move for move. Dominic hit a big boot that even had Lee shook. You could see it in his eyes. We saw strikes, kicks, back elbows, even a Spanish Fly off the top rope that only got a two count. I thought it was over. Dominic picks up the win with the Feast Your Eyes. It’s like a reverse GTS made famous by Kenta and CM Punk. This is a match of the year candidate. I wanna see these two go at it again. They have very good chemistry in the ring.

The next big segment of the night was when NXT Woman’s Champion Shayna Baszler comes to the ring with her fellow Horsewoman Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke. Shayna grabs the mic and before she can get a word out the music hits for Rhea Ripley. They have a face-off. Ripley grabs the mic and says I know what your gonna say. You have beat them all but you haven’t beat me, bitch! What a moment. I can’t wait for this match up. I haven’t seen a lot of Rhea’s work but what I have seen has been good. She will bring the fight to Shayna for sure.

Two matches were announced for next week’s show. North American champion Velveteen Dream will take on Kona Reeves. Reeves hasn’t been on TV much lately. I’m still not crazy about him but his in-ring work was improving the last few times he’s been on TV. The NXT Title will be on the line. Adam Cole (Bay Bay) vs the winner of the NXT Breakout Tournament Jordan Myles. This should be a good match as well. I don’t see Myles winning but a good outing could do wonders for his career.

In the main event, The NXT Tag Team Titles are on the line. The Street Profits defend their titles against the Undisputed Era (Kyle O’ Reilly and Bobby Fish). I enjoyed this one. It shows that tag team wrestling is still alive in WWE. The action started slow with some technical wrestling and picked up as the match went on. Angelo Dawkins continues to improve. Montez Ford athleticism was on full display once again. Kyle and Bobby brought the fight big time and picked up the win to become the first-ever three-time tag team champions in NXT history. Adam Cole along with Roderick Strong came out on stage to celebrate with the new champs. The show ended with all four men doing the signature Undisputed Era pose.

That’s it for this week’s news and recap. This was a good show. I look forward to next week’s show. The Undisputed Era is one title away from having all the gold. Before the years out, Strong will be North American champion. Until next time, take care and continue to support the black and gold brand.

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