Aki Basho: Day 9 results, insight, and current standings

Atamifuji and Hokutofuji first to kachi-koshi (8 wins). Hoshoryu loses a tough battle which should’ve had a torinaoshi. Hokuseiho with a rare kimarite win.

The arrival of fall is coming soon as the leaves begin their change in color. Atamifuji, the Maegashira 15 continues to surprise with another big victory to become the first wrestler to go kachi-koshi with today’s upset win over Kinbozan. The Kazakh wrestler Kinbozan got outsmarted by Atamifuji in today’s bout as thanks to a strong tachi-ai (opening charge) and easy push-out.

Hoshoryu battled friend Ura in a Rubik’s cube puzzle solving duel earlier in the day to which Hoshoryu won. However, in the ring? Hoshoryu was soundly defeated by Kirishima by Hatakikomi (slap down). “I can tell he’s frustrated, I get it, but if he’s kadoban in this tournament, he’ll get out of it quickly next tournament,” says friend Ura.

Kotonowaka (Light Teal) takes down Hoshoryu (Teal) with a Kotenage on a photo finish that required a review.

Hokuseiho, the 6′ 8 1/2″ behemoth came up big with a rare kimarite, an abisetaoshi (backward force down) for which the last one was done in 2020. “They should give you extra money for rare kimarite!” joked Hokuseiho, “that’s rare enough!”

Hokuseiho (Teal) defeats Chiyoshoma (Black) with an Abisetatoshi
Ura (Pink) does a spin move despite getting thrown out of the ring by Kirishima (Gunmetal)

Final Results from Day 9 and Winning Kimarite

Kotoshoho defeats Myogiryu
Winning Kimarite: Uwatenage (overarm throw)

Sadanoumi defeats Daishoho
Winning Kimarite: Hatakikomi (slap down)

Aoiyama defeats Takarafuji
Winning Kimarite: Hatakikomi (slap down)

Hokuseiho defeats Chiyoshoma
Winning Kimarite: Abisetaoshi (backward force down)

Tsurugisho defeats Mitakeumi
Winning Kimarite: Okuridashi (rear push out)

Endo defeats Kagayaki
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (frontal force out)

Atamifuji defeats Kinbozan
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (frontal push out)

Oho defeats Nishikifuji
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (frontal push out)

Takayasu defeats Kotoeko
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (frontal force out)

Onosho defeats Hiradoumi
Winning Kimarite: Hatakikomi (slap down)

Midorifuji defeats Shonannoumi
Winning Kimarite: Makiotoshi (twist down)

Takanosho defeats Ryuden
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (frontal force out)

Asanoyama defeats Tamawashi
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (frontal force out)

Meisei defeats Shodai
Winning Kimarite: Sotogake (outside leg trip)

Abi defeats Tobizaru
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (frontal push out)

Hokutofuji defeats Nishikigi
Winning Kimarite: Tsukiotoshi (thrust down)

Daieisho defeats Wakamotoharu
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (frontal push out)

Takakeisho defeats Gonoyama
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (frontal push out)

Kirishima defeats Ura
Winning Kimarite: Oshitaoshi (frontal push down)

Kotonowaka defeats Hoshoryu
Winning Kimarite: Kotenage (arm lock throw)


Takayasu – 8-1
Atamifuji – 8-1

Tsurugisho – 7-2
Kirishima – 6-3
Takakeisho – 6-3
Wakamotoharu – 6-3
Hokutofuji – 6-3
Gonoyama – 6-3
Onosho – 6-3
Endo – 6-3
Myogiryu – 6-3
Daieisho – 5-4
Kotonowaka – 5-4
Tobizaru – 5-4
Abi – 5-4
Asanoyama – 5-4
Takanosho – 5-4
Ura – 5-4
Shonannoumi – 5-4
Kinbozan – 5-4
Hokuseiho – 5-4
Mitakeumi – 5-4
Sadanoumi – 5-4
Nishikigi – 4-5
Meisei – 4-5
Midorifuji – 4-5
Takarafuji – 4-5
Nishikifuji -4-5
Kagayaki – 4-5
Hoshoryu – 3-6
Shodai – 3-6
Oho – 3-6
Aoiyama – 3-6
Kotoshoho – 3-6
Ryuden – 2-7
Koteoko – 2-7
Hiradoumi – 2-7
Chiyoshoma – 2-7
Daishoho – 2-7
MK – Tamawashi – 0-9

In danger of Make-Koshi:
Ryuden – 2-7
Koteoko – 2-7
Hiradoumi – 2-7
Chiyoshoma – 2-7
Daishoho – 2-7

Wrestlers who will be Kachi-Koshi (8+ wins or losses) with win on Day 10:


Chairman Hakkaku very surprised with the constant sellouts as well as strengthening attendance and sponsorship figures for the lower divisions. Juryo sees first ever complete sellout in nearly 8 years.

Japan Sumo Association’s director, Hakkaku, was extremely surprised as attendance figures continue to rise across the board with new exciting wrestlers and the impending end of the old guard (1980s born wrestlers). Several wrestlers in the Division 1 Makuuchi ranks are ending up with very large and more youthful sponsorship deals that pay better than their own salary. Currently, Takakeisho has some of the highest payouts via sponsorship deals in Division 1.

Juryo wrestlers are starting to receive sponsorship deals as well as wealthy companies look for the next sumo power player that will give their company a shine and also become the next big thing in sumo

Even small businesses are getting involved with small amounts of money.

This is a great thing for sumo and could shine even brighter soon.

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