They are laughing at us

I sensed that laughing by the Green Bay Packers and crowd came when the Redskins were down 31-0.

Everyone and their brother had the Skins losing heading into Sunday’s afternoon contest (sort of) with the winless Packers.
Heck it was only 3-0 early. And then Aaron Rodgers lit the Skins defense up. It was embarrasing.

The final: Green Bay 38-20. And frankly it wasn’t that close. What came out of the Packers’ press department? How about it was the first time in team history that the passer (Rodgers) threw for 450 yards and a runner (James Starks) ran for more than 125 yards.

Did anyone study defense during the off-season? Watching the game locally, I noticed there are a few players who recall the tackle drills.
Such as Brian Orapko. He got after it. Ryan Kerrigan, who has always been effective, knocked down Rodgers on a few occasions.

Another defender, Brandon Meriweather, still seems to love head-hunting. And he was effective early. He knocked out running back Eddie Lacy with a blow to the head. And frankly he got what was coming to him in this department as he knocked heads with Starks and this time he sustained a concussion.

OK, the Lions are up next. And it’s must win day. This is a team the Skins have always beaten. We need to keep the other team off the field at least for a little while. And then Robert Griffin and Alfred Morris can do their magic.

I’m not thinking Griffin is damaged goods. How many drops were there today in Green Bay?. He hit his receivers on the hands and the balls were dropped.

And what’s with the dreadful slow starts? We’ve been outscored 50-7 in the first half. There is no excuse for that. Come out and be ready to play.

Clearly after this contest, it was easy to tell the Packers and Rodgers were a better team. But what’s with all the missed tackles? Those defenders are paid to tackle the opposing foes.

Where are the modern-day Redskins heroes? Who is going to stand up and say no more of this?

It’s too early in the football season to contemplate draft picks. Recall how the Skins went 3-6 last year and then turned it on to make the playoffs. However, we have to stop the Lions come Sunday.

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