The Capitals offense has vanished without Ovechkin

The Washington Capitals are in a five game losing streak, the offense has all but disappeared. The Captain Alex Ovechkin left the team four games ago to mourn the depth of his father. Ovechkin has returned to skating today with the team.

In Ovechkin’s absence the Caps have been bad, in particularly the offense. The Caps have scored just two goals in the past two games and only seven goals in the four games that Ovechkin has missed.

The Caps have had some chances but the power play without Ovechkin has just been bad. Ovechkin at age 37 is still the Capitals leading goal scorer and biggest problem on offense. Teams have to strategize around Ovechkin or they get hurt. Ovechkin being on the ice makes the entire team better.

The Capitals all needed to step up without Ovechkin but no one could be that guy. Now the Caps are out of a playoff spot.

The Capitals still have time to get back into the playoff picture but have to win and win in streaks.

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