Talented Orioles eliminated: what went wrong?

The Baltimore Orioles are eliminated from the playoffs this season and the season is almost over. After the All Star break the Orioles just did not have the magic and even Chris Davis had a slow second half. Many of the Orioles hardly ever came out of the lineup and five of the Orioles went to the All Star game.

I think the lack of rest given to the position players was the Orioles downfall. At the All Star break it seemed like everyone was hitting above .290 and now no Oriole has an average at .290. Five Orioles players have played in over 150 games and the season is not over. That is a lot of games to play with little rest. Even Matt Wieters played in over 140, for a catcher that is just putting way too much.

The lack of depth at position players and the lack of a DH also hurt. The Orioles did not find their DH until late in the season when Danny Valencia turned it up and it was too late because everyone else was already worn out.

Chris Tillman and Valencia were the only Orioles that really shined in the second half. Which is hard to explain with the lineup and talent the Orioles have.

For next season I hope the Orioles keep Valencia and find a big power left-handed batter who can DH. Buck Showalter also needs to tell guys to rest and force players to take off days. I know players like Adam Jones do not want to come out of the lineup but it really shows when a player is banged up and sore.

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