Showtime, with a side of nuggets, Mel, and weddings

The Baltimore Orioles introduced Buck Showalter as the new manager and it could not have been funnier. My sister said repeatedly that she could tell that he used to be on TV.

Showalter kept making funny references to things like Mel Gibson’s Braveheart, and his daughters wedding. He would take both of those back because Gibson is in trouble and weddings according to him are kinda expensive.

It should be noted that he should have no problems paying for a wedding with his new contract or with the money he was making with ESPN.

He spent a good while talking about Braveheart, it was a pretty funny reference. The funniest thing might have been when he talked about nuggets, how you want 25 nuggets and no rocks.

It will be fun to see how his meetings with the media turn out, if they are anything like today it should be an entertaining few years to say the least.

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