Rest in Peace Ron Smith, Ron Smith tribute

Tonight I have heard the very sad news that WBAL radio host Ron Smith has passed away. Let me share with you all my experiences I have had with Ron Smith.

I first heard Mr. Smith when I was a young boy when I first heard Mr. Smith on the radio and his voice became what I thought of as a typical radio voice.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Mr. Smith when I had the privilege of interning at WBAL, in fact Mr. Smith was one of the first people that I met there. He was always nice to me, always willing to talk about anything from politics to vacations.

During Mr. Smith’s breaks he would walk around the building and talk to people, always popping his head in to the office I did my work at to say hi and have a quick conversation.

Mr. Smith was a brilliant broadcaster, I remember other broadcasters marvel at how sharp and perfect his timing was between segments. Even though Mr. Smith was aging he was still sharp.

I often enjoyed talking to the uncensored Ron Smith that the public was not able to see. Off air he was more colorful in his language and more blunt in how he felt about different things. Still he was one of the nicest people I have ever met, always open for a conversation.

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