Redskins: It’s Time to Focus on the Draft

Last week’s embarrassing loss to the Chargers moved the Redskins to 5-8 on the season, and mathematically eliminated the Redskins from making the playoffs. How the rest of the season shakes out is still yet to be seen, so the Redskins place in the draft is still unknown.

That said, it’s never too early to start thinking about draft strategy. The big question for the Redskins is whether or not to pay Kirk Cousins the huge pile of money he wants. While almost no Redskins fans think that Cousins is the problem leading to the Redskins losing, there is an argument over whether or not he is worth the king’s salary that the Redskins will have to pay him.

Whether or not the Redskins sign Cousins is actually more or less irrelevant to the Redskins drafting strategy. Here’s why:

Even with a top starting QB this year, the Redskins were not particularly close to making the playoffs, so drafting a QB in early rounds will not help even if Cousins isn’t signed. With or without him, the Redskins need depth in the future.

If Cousins is in burgundy and gold, the Redskins will be improving their depth at OL and DL to try to help make a playoff push next year. Without Cousins, the Redskins will need to go into rebuilding mode, which means they will be building up depth and looking for a franchise QB sometime over the next few years, but not necessarily this upcoming year.

With all that in mind, it would be foolish for the Redskins to waste a first round pick on Baker Mayfield or Lamar Jackson when they are not going to make the playoffs anytime soon unless they get some depth at OL and on defense. If the Redskins want to wait and roll the dice on a less hyped up QB and hope for a Dak Prescott situation, that might be an okay move, but no first round QB can fix the defense giving up 30 points week in and week out.

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David Miller

David is a sophomore at Emory University, and a lifetime D.C. sports fan.

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