Ravens report card versus the Texans: the offense

The Baltimore Ravens beat the Houston Texans 30 to 9, as always lets look at the offense first.

Quarterback: Joe Flacco did not really struggle but he was not great either.  Flacco had no touchdowns and no interceptions which means he did not hurt the Ravens.  The Ravens lacked any sort of running game and that made Flacco’s job very hard.  Flacco’s final quarterback rating was 87.3 which is not anything special.  Flacco only threw for 171 yards.  Grade B

Running backs: With Ray Rice out Bernard Pierce was left to carry the load and he struggled finding holes.  Pierce was not the problem the offensive line simply did not open up any holes.  Pierce had 65 yards rushing and most of them came late.  Pierce averaged 2.7 yards a carry but also had touchdown.  Grade C 

Receivers: Torrey Smith really came on in the second half and had five receptions for 92 yards.  Marlon Brown was not targeted much and only had two touchdowns for six yards, but those were two hard catches.  Dallas Clark had four receptions for 46 yards.  Other than that the other receivers did not do much.  The offense did not run that many plays.

Offensive line: Going against the Texans defensive line is no easy task and they did protect Flacco decently.  Bryant McKinnie had some costly penalties and really struggled.  The whole line needs to get better at creating running room.  Grade C

Overall: The offense needs to get it going, credit a good defense in the Texans but they need to get on the same page.  Grade C

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