Ravens impressed by players at voluntary workouts

120px-Torrey_Smith_Ravens_practiceThe Baltimore Ravens had an impressive number of players at their first voluntary offseason workouts. Some of the notable players included Ray Rice and Torrey Smith. Rice has been going through a lot this offseason and it is good to know that he is back with the team. Rice is in good shape according to the tweet from the Baltimore Ravens.


Rice’s arrest this offseason has been highly publicied and I think it is good that he is back with his teammates and working out hard.  Torrey Smith has said earlier in the offseason that Rice is in a good place now.

Younger players and players that live close by are usually the players that participate in the offseason workouts.  Veterans like Terrell Suggs usually do not participate in the voluntary workouts.

The workouts are a good place for the younger players to gain more experience and bond with teammates.  The Ravens have had a good amount of players showing up to the workouts in the past few years and I think it helps their success.

Here is a tweet from the Ravens, it includes a quote from weight room coach Bob Rogucki.  Rogucki was impressed by the number of players at the workouts.


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