Ravens report card versus the Packers: the offense

The Baltimore Ravens lost to the Green Bay Packers 19 to 17 at home. It was a very defensive game but the offenses came alive late.

Quarterback: Joe Flacco had his best quarter of the season in the fourth quarter and it still was not enough.  Flacco out played Aaron Rodgers throwing for 342 yards and two touchdowns.  The line still did not protect him well enough.  Flacco’s final qb rating was 1122.6 which is very good.  Grade B +

Running backs: The running game is still struggling, the Ravens could only rush for 47 total rushing yards.  The Ravens averaged 2.1 yards a carry but Rice and Pierce did help with some receptions.  Rice has had trouble breaking tackles which he seemed to do at will in past seasons.  The drive in the first half when the Ravens went for it on fourth down showed how ineffective the run game is.  Grade D

Receivers: Tandon Doss exploded late in the game and had four catches for 99 yards including a 63-yard reception on fourth and long.  Jacoby Jones also had a nice return that included a a touchdown.  Marlon Brown also played very well, Brown broke a number of tackles and had a 59 yard reception.   Torrey Smith was taken away in this game and he only haad one reception.  Dallas Clark was also very effective with four catches and a touchdown.  Grade B

Offensive Line: The offensive line allowed five sacks and again almost got Flacco hurt.  Up the middle the line has been very poor.  The Ravens need to find an answer at center.  Too many penalties from this unit and poor run blocking.  When they did block Flacco was successful but on some play Flacco did not have a chance.  Grade C

Overall: The offense started off very slow, it is hard to play without a running game.  The Ravens were in way too many third and longs.  Half this unit played well but the line and the running backs need to play better.  Grade C+

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