Ravens report card versus the Browns: The offense

The Baltimore Ravens lost to the Cleveland Browns 18 to 24 in an ugly road battle.  Lets look at the offense.

Quarterback: Joe Flacco had a tough game, he was inaccurate early and was clearly shaken up by the five sacks.  The offensive line has not done Flacco any favors and he is starting to get banged up.  Flacco still threw for 250 yards and two touchdowns but was also picked off.  People are always quick to blame the quarterback and head coach but Flacco has been hit hard and often.  Grade B

Running backs: The running game has been nonexistent all season and it really showed against the Browns.  Joe Flacco was the Ravens leading rusher with 25 yards…. that is bad.  Ray Rice averaged 1.5 yards a carry which is really really bad.  Grade F

Receivers: Marlon Browns has become the Ravens touchdown guy, he had two and a two point conversion.  Torrey Smith had five catches for 78 yards, he is the Ravens best receiver.  Three other receivers had good games including Tandon doss who had two catches, Deonte Thompson who had three catches and Jacoby Jones who had four catches.  That is five receivers with receptions, that is not a Ravens stat sheet.  The receivers are not the problem.  Grade A

Offensive line:  Flacco was sacked five times and the running game had no holes what so ever.  Flacco was hit eight times and was pressured the whole game.  Just a terrible performance again.  This is the Ravens weakest link and it is not a good weak link to have.  Grade F

Overall: Flacco and the receivers are the Ravens strong suit but they can not preform without and offensive line.  The running game can not help the Ravens out without an offensive line.  In short the whole Ravens team is collapsing because of the poor line play.  Grade C

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