Ravens position analysis: Quarterbacks


The Baltimore Ravens pretty much have their quarterback position set.  Joe Flacco is going to be the starter no matter what but behind Flacco their will be an interesting competition.

The Ravens may carry three quarterbacks this season which they normally do not like to do.

Here is the Ravens quarterback position analysis.

1.  Joe Flacco: For the full player profile on Flacco go here.  Flacco is the Ravens starter and he is one of the better quarterbacks in the league.  Yes, Flacco did not have a good season last year but that was due to the offensive line being horrible.  The offensive line needs to keep Flacco upright so they do not repeat the same problems.

Flacco will have a full assortment of weapons this season with Dennis Pitta being healthy.  I also think the offensive line will be better this season under Kubiak.  Look for Flacco to have a comeback season in 2014.

2.  Keith Wenning: I like Wenning as a backup quarterback and he fits the typical Gary Kubiak quarterback very well.  Wenning may be a rookie but Flacco never misses a start even when he is a injured Flacco still plays.  I think Wenning should be the Ravens number two quarterback.

3.  Tyrod Taylor: Taylor has been Flacco’s backup for years and the Ravens have shown  no confidence in him.  The signs are on the wall for Taylor’s exit or demotion.  The Ravens did not play Taylor when Flacco was clearly injured last season.  The Ravens also drafted Wenning for a reason.

I think Taylor has gotten a raw deal because he has seen action in mostly garbage time and has never had a chance to get into rhythm.   Taylor has played well in past preseason games, for what that is worth.  Taylor is still valuable in emulating running quarterbacks during practice but Kubiak has never really used running quarterbacks.

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