Ravens offseason update

Sorry about being unable to blog during the first week of the NFL free agency period. I have started a new job that has taken up a majority of my time. Here is a list of the big name players the Baltimore Ravens have lost.

Ben Grubbs
– guard- Grubbs signed a five-year 36 million dollar contract with the New Orleans Saints. He is the Ravens biggest loss in my opinion, when Grubbs was out due to a toe injury the Ravens offense suffered greatly.   The Ravens either need to draft a new guard or add one by free agency.

Jarret Johnson
– linebacker- Johnson signed a four-year deal with the San Diego Chargers. For a linebacker Johnson is older, but his experience and leadership made him a fan favorite in Baltimore. His leadership will be missed but the Ravens have depth at the linebacker position.  Paul Kruger may be a replacement for him.

Cory Redding
– defensive end- Redding signed a three-year contract with the Indianapolis professional football team. Redding had a good year for the Ravens last year but the Ravens have younger players to fill his position. Pernell McPhee is an obvious choice to fill his spot.

Haruki Nakamura
– safety- Nakamura signed a three-year deal with the Panthers. Nakamura was another smart player for the Ravens but never got a real chance to start due to depth at safety. He was a special teams ace and was used in different packages on defense. A very underrated player, the Ravens will need to draft some new safeties to make up for the loss.

Tom Zbikowski
– safety- Like Redding Zbikowski also signed a three-year deal with Indianapolis. Zbikowski made some starts for the Ravens the past couple of seasons and was used as a kick returner. He is an aggressive player that added depth at safety. He will be a starter for Indy. Another reason why the Ravens need to add new safeties.

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