Ravens extend lease on M&T Bank Stadium for an additional 15 years, Orioles need to follow

The Baltimore Ravens and the Maryland Stadium Authority have reached an agreement on a 15-year extension on M&T Bank Stadium. The Ravens will be in Baltimore for at least until 2037, their will also be a five-year option at the end of the deal. The Baltimore Orioles need to follow the Ravens lead and sign a long-term lease as well. While I do not think the Orioles are going anywhere anytime soon it will help Orioles fans breath easy when a long-term deal is reached.

The Ravens have been a leading example in the Baltimore and Maryland community and have set a standard on how to run a franchise. They are regularly a winning team and have had a great fan base since moving to Baltimore from Cleveland. Hopefully it is only a mater of time before the Orioles sign a long-term deal.

Here is the Ravens Tweet about the deal.

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