Ravens disrespected by the NFL again

Tom Brady throwing a pass

Tom Brady throwing a pass

The Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots game that was scheduled for Sunday Night Football on December 22nd has been flexed out of prime time.  The Ravens and Patriots will now play in Baltimore at 4:25 Eastern Time.  The game was moved for the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears game.

This is another sign of disrespect to the Ravens and their fans as they will now only have one home prime time game coming off a Super Bowl win.  What more do the Ravens have to do to get featured on prime time?

This season the Ravens will have only been featured at home during the Thanksgiving game.  That means the Ravens have hosted no Monday Night Football or Sunday Night football games.

The Ravens have a very strong fan base and are a popular team when it comes to jersey sales, they make the playoffs just about every season.

Lesser teams like the Washington Redskins have way more prime time games, heck even the Jacksonville Jaguars get featured and this time of the year both those teams are usually just trying to upset other teams playoff chances.  The Jaguars have a weak market, fan base and are usually one of the worst teams in the league.

The other shocking part to this game getting moved is that the Patriots and Ravens have a strong rivalry and both playing for a playoff spot.  The Ravens and Patriots have played in the AFC Championship game against each other the past two seasons.

As a Ravens fan I think the NFL needs to be more fair when it comes to prime time games.  The Dallas Cowboys get the maximum and most of those games suck and the Cowboys have not even been to a championship game in over a decade, they are living in the past.

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