Orioles Acquisition Candidate: David Wright

The way the New York Mets offseason is shaping up, plus how 2011 played out got me wondering; could the Orioles make a play for David Wright?  Would he be a fit in Baltimore?  We certainly have a need.  Third base is not settled as of this writing.  Mark Reynolds to me seems like our first baseman heading forward, which leaves the hot corner vacant.  With Jose Reyes most likely departing via free agency, the Mets and Sandy Alderson are even listening to deals on Wright.  David Wright plays the game with a passion.  He has speed, power, and great defensive prowess.  Ever since Shea Stadium in Flushing was vacated in favor of the pitcher-friendly confines of Citi Field, Wright has experienced a decline in power output.  Injuries are also partially to blame for his usual numbers (30 HRs, 100 RBIs, and 20 SB) not being there.  Wright seems like a player that would CLEARLY benefit from a change of scenery at this stage in his career.

Let’s see what would be taken into account for the Orioles…or any other time possibly pulling the trigger to trade for this All-Star.  According to Cot’s Baseball Contracts,  David Wright is owed $15 million in 2012, plus a $16 million club option in 2013 with a $1 million buyout.  In this day and age the way salaries are escalating, that money is fairly reasonable considering Wright’s talent.  I’m sure the Mets would also ask for a huge bounty in return for Wright…rightfully so.  Wright has been one of the faces of the franchise ever since he’s debuted in for the team.  He and Jose Reyes were even compared to A-Roid (A-Rod) and Jeter from the crosstown Bronx Bombers.  With youth on their side, Wright and Reyes were thought to be able to rejuvenate the Mets.

The issue for the Orioles is that I don’t think we have the high ceiling players in the minor leagues that the Mets would expect in return.  With that said, we may have to involve a third team to acquire the necessary talent to pull off the deal.  Money would not be an issue for the Orioles, especially if Wright has a certain clause that voids the team option in 2013 if traded.  If that is the case, that gives the Orioles more wiggle room since Wright would be a one year rental.  Either way, my feeling is that the Orioles AND David Wright would both benefit from this deal.  Wright is still on the right side of 30 (28 years old) and could provide some pop that is sorely needed. If even to just check in on the potential for this trade, if I am Dan Duquette, I would  go in for it.  Camden Yards, being a hitter-friendly park would be more suitable to David Wright.  Before you start reserving your Wright jerseys in the black and orange, the Mets may decide to not even trade him.  Losing one superstar in the offseason may be enough; plus the fans in NY may not be able to stomach a lineup full of no names if both Reyes and Wright depart.

My sole purpose for writing this entry was put the idea out there.  The Orioles have the need and the money. The fanbase, hopefully happy with the new GM hire, will look to the front office for a splash this offseason. Whether the right person actually reads this and puts this idea to work or not, I will never know.  All I can do is say this is definitely worth exploring. Think about it people.


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