Opinion: We Should Have Seen This Coming

There are a few unwritten facts about sports. Always fade a team coming off a huge win against a rival. Baseball pitchers are allowed to act like petulant children and bean you for having fun. Players who just had a baby are going to ball out in their next game, and if a franchise legend dies that team becomes a squad of destiny for one week.

All-time great Dick Butkus passed away last night at the age of of 80 years old. Butkus was not only a legend for the Bears, but of the game of football as well. Fans from Chicago will talk about Butkus with a reverence reserved for a select few, even if they are of a younger generation. He was beloved by the city and football fans across the country and even has an award named after him for the best college linebacker each year. Even if none of the current players on the Bears roster knew anything about Butkus, the football gods were going to make sure they handled business in honor of their newest member.

Alright, enough of the (true) sappy memorial type stuff. What the absolute hell was that Washington? I can maybe excuse Ron Rivera for having a rough start to the game because of the loss of an old teammate and friend, but what in the world is Jack Del Rio doing with the Commanders defense? If you’ve read my posts before you know I love joking about Washington’s nickname by calling them the Commies and other similar things, but they don’t have to take spreading the wealth so literally they let the 0-4 Bears double them up on the scoreboard.

The effort in the first half was so bad that you would think that none of our top defensive lineman or 1st round cornerback draft pick were playi-

Wait, hold up, DJ Moore just scored again.

Somehow the defense finally woke up in the second half but it was too-little-too-late at that point. This is the kind of crap that gets people fired during a season; honestly I wouldn’t mind it if Del Rio was shown the door at this point.

As for the offensive side of the ball… Twenty nine rushing yards ain’t gonna cut it on any level of football. I know the Commies were down early, but to completely give up on calling running plays is completely asinine and a form of coaching malpractice. Hell, the only reason they had 29 yards was because Sam Howell coated his jersey in olive oil before the game.

Also, I don’t know if Eric Bieniemy knows this, but he has this guy on his roster named Terry McLaurin, he wears 17 as his jersey number and he’s uh, he’s pretty darn good. Maybe he should get more targets than both of the running backs got. Just a thought.


You see those uniforms? Burn them. Put them all in a dumpster, douse everything in kerosene, light a match and walk away. At no point in the franchise’s history should they ever have all black uniforms. They looked like the Pittsburgh f***ing Steelers out there! I don’t need to watch two teams play a neutral site game like they’re in college. Burgundy and Gold. That’s Washington football. Not this garbage.

Excuse me while I go throw my morning smoothie up now that I’ve had to look at these things again.

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