MLB making right call with instant replay

558px-Chris_Davis_on_August_10,_2011Major League Baseball will finally have real instant replay in the 2014 season and it is starting out very similar to how the NFL started instant replay.  Previously instant replay could be used for home run calls but no it has been greatly expanded.

Now each manager gets one challenge and if they win the challenge they can get one more.  After the seventh inning umpires will make the call if a play is reviewable.  The plays will be reviewed off site in New York similar to how the NHL reviews plays.

I think it is a fantastic idea and if it works well will be expanded just like the NFL has expanded replay.  Too often do umpires miss pivotal plays that can change a game, this should help prevent that.  I think safe and out calls will be the most reviewed plays.

There are a lot of missed calls throughout the MLB season and at least a few during each game.  Having the reviews off site should help speed up the replay process but may give the New York Yankees and New York Mets even more of an advantage.

What are your thoughts on the new instant replay rules?

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