Michal Neuvirth Pays Tribute To Olie Kolzig And DC With New Goalie Mask

Michal Neuvirth pays tribute to his heroes with his new mask. Photo courtesy of DaveArt.

Capitals goaltender Michal Neuvirth has always been one of those goalies who loves to express himself through his mask. His masks are unique because he likes to pay tribute to things in his life that are important. This year, Neuvirth was inspired to ask Dave Gunnarsson to help him take his mask to the next level. Gunnarsson offers an explanation of the concept behind Neuvirth’s new mask:

The left side of the mask is a tribute to his home country Czech Republic. He also wanted to pay tribute to famous goalies, so here you find the Czech goalie legend [Jiri] Holecek. And just as before the Strekov Castle from his hometown and the Hradcany Prague Castle and more. The right side is a tribute to his new home country and in particular his new hometown Washington DC. The classic goalie he wanted to pay tribute to here is the Caps legend [Olie] Kolzig, and of course you also find the old school Caps logo, and much more. The red and white check pattern on the chin is also a tribute to the Czech flag.”

To check out Gunnarsson’s website, click here. For those interested in art, he primarily uses airbrush. Hopefully we get to see him use this mask in DC this season.

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