Maryland miraculous comeback knocks off Penn

In my preview of this game, there was one thing that I said Maryland needed to do to give themselves a chance to win. They needed to come out of the gate firing and take an early lead. That didn’t happen. The Terps were down 15-9 more than halfway through the third quarter, yet somehow they found a way to come back and come walk away with a win.

Freshman Daniel Maltz led the Terps in scoring five goals, more than twice the amount he scored in his two previous games combined. Maltz was joined by Jared Bernhart and Anthony DeMaio on the hat trick list.

After the end of the first quarter, things were looking very good for the Penn Quakers who were up 8-5 in their first game of the season. They had scored 12 goals in the first half but in the second couldn’t get their offense underway. Only scoring three goals in the third and being shut out in the fourth, the Quakers started their season off better than anyone could have expected.

The Terps next game is Tuesday as they head to Philly to take on Villanova. The start time for this game is 4 pm.

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