Keeping Dennis Pitta should be the Ravens top priority

450px-Dennis_Pitta_2011_stadium_practiceThe Baltimore Ravens have a lot of free agents again this year but non of them are as important as tight end Dennis Pitta.  Pitta proved that he was irreplaceable when he was injured for most of the season.  Pitta is a go-to guy for quarterback Joe Flacco, the two are friends on and off the field.

Despite missing 12 games in the 2013 season Pitta still had 20 receptions and a touchdown coming off a major injury.  Pitta was effective right away once he knocked off his rust.

The real question is what price tag Pitta will be asking for or if the Ravens will have to use the franchise tag.  Since Pitta is coming off a major injury I would think his price would have dropped a little.  Also, his value to the Ravens will be higher than any other team because it is his chemistry with Flacco that works so well.

Pitta is a good all-around player but his stats do not scream out number one receiver money.  Pitta has only 122 receptions in his first four years, now be it that is only two full seasons of starting.  I would think the Ravens will have enough money to give him a decent deal.

Out of all the free agents Pitta should be the Ravens number one priority, Daryl Smith and Eugene Monroe are also important.  The Ravens will likely need to extent Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata in order to create more salary cap for the Ravens to keep more of their own players.

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