Jodie Meeks Traded to Bucks

The Wizards have traded shooting guard Jodie Meeks, a future second round pick, and cash to the Milwaukee Bucks for essentially nothing other than cap relief. Meeks was not likely to make much of an impact this year for the Wizards, he is suspended for the first 19 games after failing a PED test. Meeks would have counted for a little more than three million against the cap this season to be the Wizards last guy off the bench.

Drafting Troy Brown to be the backup shooting guard of the future also made it easier to make the decision to trade Meeks. Meeks will go down as another questionable free agency signing by Ernie Grunfeld. He was given a one year deal with a player option when it seemed like no other team was bidding for his services. After a poor 2017-2018 season, it became clear Meeks was not going to make an impact with the Wizards.

The Bucks are able to absorb his contract through the trade exception they got in the Greg Monroe deal. The Bucks plan on waiving Meeks after the trade goes through, making him an unrestricted free agent. It is unlikely anyone will try to sign Meeks given his deterioration of skill and 19 game suspension.

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