If I wasn't a fan, this would be a great game to watch

It’s really about the bottom line. Did you win or lose? That’s all they ever ask.

And yes, the Redskins won. In an old fashioned slugfest. There was so much good and so much bad, I don’t know where to start.

If you live in Bears country, it’s always delightful to beat Chicago’s favorite football team.
I remember when I moved out here in the late 1980s. The Skins were a quality team. And Chicago had the 85 Bears to brag about but little else. And I heard on TV how the late Dave Duerson was talking about the playoffs. He said something like, “Once we get past the Redskins, we play so-and-so.

What? You don’t who you are messing with. That’s the Washington Redskins. I got the last laugh as the Skins twice came to chilly Chicago and knocked da Bears out of the playoffs.

So our television was on to watch the latest outing between these two teams. Evidently, the defenses on both sides stayed home. It was a nutty game.

Oh, the Skins won by the nutty score of 45-41. It was exciting. It was infuriating. It was disturbing. It was enlightening.

Where to start? How about RG111? He was certainly thrilling to watch. And while players on both sides fell down, he stayed upright the whole game. He threw the ball well, especially to the new star tight end, Jordan Reed (9 catches, 134 yards and a score). Yes, I’m going to pick Reed up in Fantasy.

The running back tandem of Alfred Morris and Roy Helu, Jr. Morris chewed up yardage and Helu punched the ball in the end zone to the tune of three touchdowns.

And our much-maligned defense chipped in with six points. Before Jay Cutler was hurt, he fired a pass into traffic and Brian Orakpo caught it on a deflection and went to the house with it.

It gave us a 17-10 lead. Granted that lead wouldn’t hold up but it’s the thought that counts. The Bears answered of course hitting us in the Achilles heel. As in that pathetic special teams. Granted Devin Hester is a legendary punt returner but this isn’t brain surgery. It’s elementary tackling and the Skins players whiffed on Hester’s TD. What a mess.

And so it went. Back and forth. Matt Forte would out-race our defense for scores. And Helu, Jr would answer back.

And finally the Skins were down. There was less than four minutes to play. The Skins needed to march 80 yards to take the lead and hope that there wouldn’t be too much time left on the clock.

Griffin and Reed teamed up on a 26-yard pass play to give us some hope. And then Griffin began to find Pierre Garcon open. Three times on the winning drive, these two players hooked up on short but key pass plays. Another Griffin to Reed pass play put the Skins on the goal line. And Helu Jr. did the honors.

Hail to the Skins; Hail victory; Braves on the Warpath, Fight for Old DC,.

But please fix the defense and special teams before we play Denver.




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