How the NHL Gave the Pittsburgh Penguins the Game Six Win

The NHL director of Officiating Steven Walkom has admitted the NHL made a bad call when Pittsburgh Penguin forward tripped Philadelphia Flyer forward Sean Couturier. The trip then lead to a a two man rush with no Flyers defenders a goal that gave them a two goal lead.

This goal basically gave the Penguins a win that won them the series. This is another example of the NHL rigging games, so Sidney Crosby and the Penguins to three peat.

Flyers fans, and any hockey fan who doesn’t like the Penguins are all sick to there stomachs knowing that the NHL admitted they made such a bad call that was in favor for the Penguins.

Yes the Flyers did lose 8-5, but this call gave them a lead and the Flyers basically gave up after this play. Philadelphia fans where so upset they threw beer cans and other objects on the ice to protest.

Even announcer Pierre McGuire said after the play that he couldn’t believe the referees missed that call. If the Capitals win tonight let’s hope the NHL can call a fair game between the Capitals and the Penguins because fans are now aware of the league for helping the Pittsburgh.

The video of the play is shown below.

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