Girardi a sore loser again UPDATE

Joe Girardi by Keith Allison.jpgThe New York Yankees are at .500 on the season and falling fast.  Last night the Baltimore Orioles played the New York Yankees and won three to one in a rain shortened game.  The Orioles took two out of three and won the series.  The game had over a two hour rain delay.  The rain did not let up all night and kept going into the early morning.  The umpires finally called the game a little after midnight.

The Yankees manager once again had to open his big mouth and complain about the Orioles winning.  Here were his quotes after the game.  From this article. 

“It’s extremely disappointing,” Girardi said. “If the game would have been 10 minutes slower, we would never have got to that spot. It’s unfortunate. My preference would be that you come back and finish it,” he said. “We’re coming back, why don’t we finish it? It would be changing what they’ve done in the past, but I think it would be something to look at.”


The five-inning rule has been in place as long as I can remember. The home team does get an advantage that way and I am sure if Girardi was on the winning end he would not have complained. The rules are rules and while the Yankees have a long history of getting away with complaining about rules like balls and strikes this is one that should not have been complained about. The Yankees should have just… you know played better.

Lets face it, Kevin Gausman was pitching lights out and was through five innings in only 78 pitches. Gausman has been solid to great in all his starts and the Yankees were getting shutdown. If the game was not delayed the Orioles probably would have won.

Girardi needs to keep his mouth shut and stop complaining. Out of all the division rivals it seems like Girardi likes to complain about losing to the Orioles more than anyone. The Yankees are no longer the team to beat in the AL East and will probably miss the playoffs this season. Girardi and the Yankees disrespected the Orioles 2012 playoff run by calling it a fluke but it is now going on three seasons straight that the Orioles will have a winning record.

Earlier this year Girardi complained about this slide by Steve Pearce.

My message to Girardi is this… you are a 49-year old man, grow up and learn how to take a loss. Lead by example and stop complaining about everything that happens to your average team. Girardi has one of the highest payrolls in baseball and if you can not manage with that then maybe you should not be a manager. Suits you right for turning down the Orioles, the Orioles are better off with Buck Showalter anyway.

Update: Get this about a week or so later the Yankees beat the Texas Rangers in a five inning game.  Same scenario yet Girardi did not complain.

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