Floyd Mayweather to Re-match Manny Pacquiao in December

After an Instagram video was released last night on Floyd Mayweather’s account of him and Pacquiao in a heated discussion at from what looked like a concert Floyd Mayweather is claiming they will have a re-match right in December. Mayweather quoted in the video it’s an easy nine figure fight for him.

After beating Conor McGregor a year ago the 41 year old went 50-0 during his career and is now wanting to come out of retirement. Pacquiao and Mayweather fought once back in 2015 and Mayweather won by a split decision for a $220 million pay day.

This should make a great fight for two older boxers. Mayweather is considered one of the best boxers ever with his undefeated record, but a lot of boxing experts claim that Manny won that fight; should be great entertainment for the end of 2018. The Instagram from Mayweather.

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