Explaining the Ravens struggles

The Baltimore Ravens have lost three straight games including two straight home games. The offense has struggled to be consistent and the defense has not been able to hold onto leads.

The defense has been so weakened from injuries that undrafted rookie free agent Josh Bynes made a start against the Denver Broncos. Bynes played well but has showed his rawness at times. The linebackers and secondary have relied on guys that were not even on the team at the start of the season.

At home against the Steelers the Ravens were unable to stop veteran third-string quarterback Charlie Batch. The Ravens offense was shutdown and the Ravens lost on a last second field goal.

On the road against the Washington Redskins the Ravens defense showed their injuries and got lit up. Cary Williams and Ed Reed were the only starters left in the secondary by the end of the game and the special teams players played a lot on offense. By the time the Ravens made it to overtime the punt coverage team was worn out and the Ravens lost by another field goal. The offense played well that game but was unable to put the Redskins away.

The defense played well early on against the Denver Broncos early on but the offense failed to do anything. The offensive line failed to open up holes for Ray Rice and failed to protect Joe Flacco. A bad interception at the end of the first half that went for a touchdown ruined the game. The offense did start to move the ball in the no huddle but the defense showed how short they were.

If the Ravens can get some starters back and stay in the no huddle they will still be fine for a playoff run. Health is a big concern at this point.

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