Dylan Bundy pitches well in Bowie

Baltimore Orioles top prospect Dylan Bundy pitched for the Bowie Baysox last night, the Orioles AA affiliate. Bundy pitched well going 5 1/3rd innings giving up only two earned runs and earning the win.

Bundy was drafted last year by the Orioles and is only 19 years old in his first professional season. So far Bundy has pitched for three different teams in the Orioles organization.

Orioles DH Jim Thome went down to Bowie to scout Bundy. Thome is a class act and will do anything he is asked to do to help the team he is playing for. Thome going down to Bowie to scout Bundy points to one thing and that is the possibility that they young pitcher might be up in Baltimore this year.

The Orioles have already pulled the trigger on Machado and have seen surprisingly good results. The Orioles might opt for a six-man rotation in September when the roster is expanded to include Bundy. Bundy could also be used out of the bullpen similar to the way David Price was used when he was first called up by the Tampa Bay Rays. Price was called up when the Rays were in a playoff race and put in the bullpen before being put in the rotation the next year.

Everyone in the organization has said that Bundy being used this year depends on “where the team is at,” this year. My take on that is that if the Orioles are winning and Bundy continues to dominate in the minors the Orioles will call him up.

The Orioles are showing this year that they will do whatever it takes to end their losing record streak that they have had for over a decade. Bundy is clearly part of the Orioles future but he could be part of the Orioles present very soon.

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