Commanders Hiring Adam Peters as New GM

Josh Harris stepped up to the plate with his first major decision as owner of the Washington Commanders and hit a grand slam. News just broke that the Commanders are hiring current 49ers Assistant General Manager Adam Peters to be their new GM. Four days ago news broke that Harris and Company were casting a wide net in their search for a new decision maker in Washington. While names from great organizations and deserving candidates were interviewed, the belle of the ball was Adam Peters, and new ownership got their guy. Excited is an understatement. For this first time in over twenty years successful football people want to work for this organization and help bring this team back to its former glory.

Adam Peters resume is outstanding with scouting jobs in both New England and Denver, winning three super bowls in the process. Then he became the vice president of player personnel in San Francisco in 2017. Peters had a hand in drafting All-Pro talents like Nick Bosa, Deebo Samuel, and George Kittle which goes to show that his scouting abilities are on par with the best in the league. In the past few years Adams has turned down several teams who attempted to lure him away from the 49ers, even this year turning down all interviews but one. Sitting down with the Washington team, which included former Golden State Warriors Executive Bob Meyers, it was clear that Peters was interested in finally running his own team. For this new ownership group to make this hire shows that the team is finally on track to being relevant and respected in league circles.

Moving forward Adam Peters will have complete control over the roster and will help pick the next Head Coach. No longer will a meddling owner come in and point at a board and say, this guy is our pick. Smart football people are finally making the decisions which means that the Super Bowl is no longer a pipe dream. Rumors on twitters are currently linking Detroit Lions Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson as the next Head Coach which would be another monster hire that, paired with a new QB at the #2 pick in the draft, would make Washington one of the hottest teams going into next season.

This hire means so many things, but the most important one to me is that this team is no longer going to be a joke. After a rough 4-13 season Washington fired Ron Rivera and set in motion the most important offseason in the last 20 years. Hiring Adam Peters is step one in an exciting process that will make next season as highly anticipated as I can remember. With $90 million in cap space and 6 picks in top 102 of this years draft, expect Peters to get to work immediately on making this team better in all phases of the game. Whoever is hired at Head Coach, after bringing in Peters, you know this ownership group cares about one thing: Winning.

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