Capps an All-star, Markakis still left out.

By: Sam Smith
July 4th, 2010

Nationals closer Matt Capps was the Nationals lone selection to the 2010 All-Star Game. If you ask me, he was the right choice. Capps has recorded 22 saves this season, while maintaining a respectable 3.19 ERA. 

As an Orioles fan, seeing what Capps has done with the Nats really makes me wish that the Orioles had signed him instead of Mike Gonzalez last off-season. Capps has pitched great and has been a solid force for the Nationals in the ninth inning.

Ryan Zimmerman is a candidate for the National League’s final pick along with Heath Bell, Carlos Gonzalez, Joey Votto and Billy Wagner. Alth0ough, I personally think that Gonzalez deserves the final pick, I would not be surprised to see Zimmerman get the nod from the fans just because of his offensive and defensive notoriety around the league.

Ty Wigginton was selected from the Orioles. Honestly, I would rather see Nick Markakis make the trip to Anaheim to represent the Orioles. Markakis has never been an all-star, yet he has been the most consistent Oriole in recent years.

I’m not trying to say that Wigginton doesn’t deserve the be an all-star this season, becuase he has most certainly played like one this season, but I feel Orioles fans would be more excited to see Markakis finally get a chance to make his first appearance in the midsummer classic. 

I thought Markakis should have made the team last season when Adam Jones was selected instead.  Since he is leading the Orioles in batting average (.302), on base percentage (.393) and hits (90) this season, I thought he had a pretty good shot to make the team this season. I Guess not. Mybe next season.

Orioles manager said that he never recieved a phone call from Yankee and American League All-Star team manager Joe Girardi asking for his oppinion on who should be the Orioles’ representative. Samuel said he would have recomended Markakis.

 It is  tough to make an all-star team as an outfielder becuase there are so many good ones around the league. Becuase Ty Wigginton is versitile and can play all of the infield positions,  he is an easy choice to round out Girardi’s team.

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