Bulger's impact on Smith and Beck

Who’s going to be the odd man out? With the addition of Marc Bulger, the Ravens now have 4 quarterbacks on the roster. Spots 1 and 2 are taken by Joe Flacco and Bulger respectively, Troy Smith and John Beck are left to battle for the third and final quarterback spot on the Ravens’ roster.

Smith seems like a logical choice, as he is already very familiar with the Ravens system, and if not for a freak case of tonsillitis during 2008 training camp, would be the starter right now. However, Troy Smith has made it painfully obvious that he is not happy with his role in Baltimore, and would prefer to play for his hometown team in Cleveland with Mike Holmgren. If Beck is content with being the third string, perhaps the Ravens would be better off going with Beck.

Don’t forget either, that the Ravens have gone with only two quarterbacks on the roster in the past, having only Steve McNair (rest in peace, 1 year tomorrow) and Kyle Boller on the roster. One thing is for sure…only Flacco and Bulger are safe. Smith, Beck, or both may be in hot water by the time the regular season starts.

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