Brian Roberts signing with Yankees stinging Orioles fans

224px-Brian_RobertsBrian Roberts has signed with the New York Yankees for a one-year deal for$2 million with incentives.  Roberts has been a Baltimore Orioles since he was drafted in 1999.  Roberts made his major league debut for the Orioles in 2001 and has been a fan favorite.  People on social media have been extremely saddened from Roberts signing with the Yankees.

Roberts is a two-time All Star and was the Orioles face of the franchise during its darkest times.  The second baseman always played hard and was always involved with the community.

In recent years, Roberts has been hurt and has not played over 100 games since 2009.  Some of his injuries were his own fault as he gave himself a concussion by hitting himself in the head with a baseball bat.  Still the Orioles stood by him as he tried to recover and some thought he should just retire.

Still Roberts was the one of the highest players on the Orioles making about $10 million each year and hardly played.  In 2012 he only played 17 games for the Orioles and only hit .182 when he did play.  Collecting the same salary.

Last season Roberts had a bit of a comeback year at the age of 35, hitting eight home runs.  Put in perspective during Roberts injury streak he only hit seven homers in three seasons.  Roberts was finally able to contribute to a winning Orioles team even though the Orioles failed to make the playoffs they were still in the hunt.  This was Roberts first home run since 2011.

Roberts and Ed Reed have a lot in common as both players spent most of their time in Baltimore and at the end of their careers signed with other teams for one last pay check.  It is a sad business some times, it has not worked out for Reed and I doubt it will for Roberts.  Reed at least had the class to not go to a division rival.  Roberts going to the Yankees is the biggest sting as they are most Orioles fans most hated teams for their unfair advantage when it comes to salary and how calls and suspensions always seem to go in their favor.

Roberts could have easily given the Orioles a discount, the way he has played the past few years is not worthy of $2 million and he owes the Orioles for all they have paid him.  The $2 million the Yankees are giving him is nothing compared to what the Orioles have given him.  The Orioles did not offer Roberts a contract but Roberts could have given the Orioles time to match the deal or come close.

The Orioles have made a lot of mistakes in mistreating players over the years but Roberts is not one of them.  The Orioles stood by Roberts through injury and steroid allegations the least he could have done was come back and end his career with the team he has been with for over a decade.


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