Another Game Slips through the Redskins’ Grasp

Well, what can you say after another Redskins loss? Every time they seem to get some momentum going this season and we start to get excited, they play a game that reminds us they aren’t that good. Of course, this fan base is incredibly fickle at the best of times, and these are most assuredly not the best of times. But given how many injuries this team has endured, I’m not sure how much more we could have expected at this point in the season!

Some thoughts on Sunday’s game:

What happened to the defense?!? They were so stout against Seattle last week, but the Vikings just had their way with them yesterday. At the half, Case Keenum had a perfect quarterback rating! Case Keenum! Obviously Keenum had a career game, but a defense that hadn’t given up 300 yards all season did so against a guy likely to lose his job (maybe?) when Teddy Bridgewater is ready to play again. It wasn’t a great performance.

It was awesome to see the whole offensive line back together again. Cousins certainly had better protection today than he did in Seattle, but he definitely wasn’t at the top of his game. Still, putting up 30 points would have been enough to win most games, so it isn’t like they were totally ineffective. Unfortunately, they just couldn’t overcome the turnovers and mistakes.

Misc… Rob Kelley just isn’t good enough to deserve the number of touches he’s getting. The ease with which the Vikings converted third downs, especially early in the game, was baffling and hard to watch, especially all the deep balls. That first quarter catch by Maurice Harris was incredible. What a way to score your first NFL touchdown! I love the funny group celebrations and I’m glad the “No Fun League” has decided to loosen up a little.

Bring on the Saints!

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