Is C.J Mosley worth the big bucks?

The Baltimore Ravens decided not to franchise tag C.J Mosley which would put him on the open market as an unrestricted free agent unless the Ravens re-sign him before March 13 at 4 p.m., when the free agency period officially begins. The main questions here is how much would you pay him and how much is he really worth? They’re a lot of teams in need of a quality inside linebacker and Mosley fits that title perfectly but at what cost? It’s very possible many teams could give him more money than Luke Kuechly. If this happens I think the Ravens would be overly outmatched. Ian Rapoport just tweeted from a source that The 49ers are signing LB Kwon Alexander to a 4-year deal worth $54M. He’s getting $13.5 per year for missing just 18 games over 4 NFL seasons. Mosley has missed 3 games over 5 NFL seasons. I feel like that amount is close to where Mosley is worth, 15 million per year or higher would be too much. Kwon Alexander’s contract will set the standard for teams trying to sign inside linebackers this offseason.

NFL Reporter Albert Breer tweeted this at 1:52pm, 3/11/19. “Rumblings the last few days were that Ravens LB CJ Mosley could wind up getting around $16 million per. Turned down a good offer in Baltimore. With Kwon Alexander getting $13.5 million, that doesn’t seem out of whack.” Judging from this tweet it sounds like the Ravens gave Mosley a good offer and he declined. It looks like to me he wants to get paid more.

It looks like the Ravens will be in a bidding war for Mosley and this is the war they should back out of because it’s going to get ugly quick. We hate to see Players go but at the same time the NFL is a business and teams will overpay players. If CJ Mosley is on a different team in 2019 the Ravens at least have three young capable linebackers that can fill that void. I am a fan of Kenny Young and was impressed by his play when Mosley was out a few games this season.

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