Baltimore Orioles Fans Rejoice! New 30-Year Lease is signed!

After a year of frustration about the future of the team, Angelos finally breaks and signs a new 30-year lease.

Over the year, fans have been longing to know what the future of the Baltimore Orioles were going to be during this season. On Tuesday, The Orioles lost one of their own in Brooks Robinson, the greatest 3rd baseman of all-time but today, Wednesday, September 28, 2023, John Angelos finally said, “let’s do it, let’s sign the deal” and it has happened.

While we don’t know the terms and conditions of the signed lease, what we do know is that this gives Orioles ownership the power to harness the use of $600,000,000 in money to upgrade the stadium.

The lease was signed with the Mayor of Baltimore, Brandon Scott, Governor Wes Moore, and John Angelos in attendance and when announced, the people who were at the stadium went crazy. The deal was agreed by the state of Maryland, the Maryland State Authority, the Governor, and Orioles ownership.

The agreement comes the old lease was set to expire on December 31, 2023. More information as it becomes available.

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Joshua Leuschner

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