2017 College Football Week 6: What We Learned

Here are five takeaways from another crazy week of college football:

  1. NC State might be for real. The Wolfpack moved up to #20 in this week’s AP Poll after taking down #17 Louisville at home on Thursday night. While Louisville QB Lamar Jackson put up a solid performance, NC State did a good job of limiting the damage he caused. I don’t believe that this team isn’t in real playoff contention, but they certainly could be looking at a NY6 Bowl, and they could play spoiler when they take on Clemson at home in November.
  2. TCU has been ‘quietly’ sneaking their way into playoff contention. The Horned Frogs rose to the #6 spot in the AP Poll this week after defeating #23 West Virginia. This team hasn’t been talked about a lot, especially when it comes to playoff predictions, but they’ve had some extremely quality wins in conference play, and they’re the team in the Big 12 best positioned to make a run at a playoff spot.
  3. Oklahoma is trending down, big time. The Sooners suffered a loss at home against Iowa State in what has to be the Big 12’s biggest upset in a while. Last week, on the road at Baylor, they only won 49-41. For reference, the Bears are 0-5 this season, including losses to Liberty and UTSA. Oklahoma still has a chance at the playoff if they win out, but with opponents like Oklahoma State, West Virginia, and TCU still ahead, I’m doubting their chances.
  4. Michigan State loves playing in The Big House. The Spartans pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the season, defeating the #7 Michigan Wolverines 14-10 in a nail-biter in Ann Arbor. You may remember that the last time the Spartans went to Ann Arbor, they won on a mishandled punt with no time left on the clock. Something about Michigan Stadium seems to help them play better, as the Wolverines continue to suffer at their hands.
  5. Ed Orgeron may have saved his job, at least temporarily. Following a demoralizing homecoming loss to Troy, LSU took their show on the road, and beat #21 Florida 17-16 in Gainesville. Tiger’s head coach Ed Orgeron’s name was brought up a lot this past week as someone who’s situated nicely in the hot seat, but that seat certainly cooled off with this one. In the process, the Tigers reminded everyone that they’re still a force to be reckoned with in the SEC.

Get ready for an exciting Week 7!

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