Washington’s Defense vs New Orleans’ Offense

After four weeks Washington’s defense remains one of the worst in the league. If you blame the secondary, linebackers, linemen, or the coaches, it doesn’t matter. We need to see better play from this side of the ball. Through three quarters and the first minutes of the last quarter Sunday, the defense allowed 30 points. They did manage to get three stops on Atlanta’s final three drives. That is progress. But how well do they match up against New Orleans?

Stopping the run

New Orleans runs the ball about 60% of the time averaging four yards per attempt. They have been very comfortable keeping the ball out of Jameis Winston’s hands by only allowing him to average 21.5 attempts a game. Compared to other QBs that have started four games, Winston’s 86 attempts this year are dead last in the league behind Burrow’s 107.

Alvin Kamara leads the way with 297 rushing yards. He is also the team’s second-leading pass catcher with 10 receptions for 62 yards and two touchdowns.

Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston have the only rushing touchdowns for the Saints with four combined.

Luckily for Washington, teams have not been tearing them apart on the ground. That has a lot to do with the secondary, but they also have not faced a team that relies on the run as New Orleans does. If they can stop the run and not let New Orleans get into the red zone, which is where they are most dangerous. Washington can control the game.

Don’t let Kamara look like Patterson

If the Saints are smart they will try and replicate what Atlanta did last week. Cordarrelle Patterson was able to have 116 yards from scrimmage and three receiving touchdowns last week. That sounds like a stat line that Kamara could easily replicate this week.

The key to stopping that from happening, don’t have any blown coverages. That might be a simple concept but, it’s far from simple for this defense. Between Bobby McCain and Landon Collins being a liability on the back end of the defense, I am concerned about what Kamara will do. If St-Juste can play this week, I think he could be a key to helping stop Kamara.

It’s Jamin time

With John Bostic out for the season, it’s time to see Washington’s first-round pick step up. In four games, he has only recorded 14 tackles. Nothing flashy from the rookie yet this season. Washington decided to not pick up the big-name free agents that were available. That could mean they are comfortable with what they have, which they shouldn’t. I am excited to see the rookie have a bigger role in the defense.

Big Gulp Guarantee

Bostic will not only record his first 10+ tackle game of his career but he will also force a fumble.

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