The House Always Wins: Las Vegas Aces Defeat Washington Mystics 85-73

The Washington Mystics took on the Las Vegas Aces Friday night in Las Vegas. Despite the valiant efforts of Monique Currie, the Mystics, who were without Delle Donne, Hill and Cloud, fell to the Aces 85-73.

Washington Mystics:
Currie: 24 Points
Toliver: 4 Assists
Hawkins: 5 Rebounds
Currie & Sanders: 2 Blocks

Las Vegas Aces:
Wilson: 26 Points
McBride & Allen: 4 Assists
Wilson: 12 rebounds
Swords & Wilson: 3 Blocks

This is the Aces first season in Vegas, and they came out of the tunnel ready to play. The Mystics were outscored, 25-17, in the first quarter and that’s really where the game was lost. Though they were able to regroup and close the gap, they handed the Aces their first win in their new Las Vegas home at Mandalay Bay.

The coverage of the WNBA is woefully inadequate. Though there are various outlets you can watch the game, there are as many regional restrictions as the NBA, but they have less coverage overall. To be frank, it’s hard for us(me) to provide consistent coverage when the games aren’t widely available. Considering their low-ish following you’d think they’d have less regional restrictions, not more. Because of this I wasn’t able to pick up the game until just before the half, at which point I was about to get the surprise of a WNBA lifetime. I can unequivocally state that this moment was the best moment of 2018 thus far…

I see this gentleman on the sidelines, looks familiar, but I don’t get a good look; my live feed is sketchy. They show him closer on the screen and say his name…Laimbeer. I think to myself-‘is it Bill’? Could it be? YES IT IS! Bill Laimbeer is the head coach of the Las Vegas Aces!

For those of you who don’t know, Bill Laimbeer was one of the original Detroit Pistons Bad Boys and is considered one of the dirtiest players of all time. He is also one of my favorite old school ballers. This classic video gives you a glimpse of the magic that is Bill Laimbeer.

Video Courtesy of Alec Albrecht – Youtube


This is Bill flooring your fave, Michael Jordan, leading to a physical altercation between their respective coaches.
Video Courtesy of OldSkoolBBall – Youtube


Laimbeer fought BOTH Larry Bird AND Michael Jordan so you know he is tough. I would have embedded that video also, but as with most Laimbeer highlights, you need to be over 18 to view. That itself says a lot. Laimbeer’s skills, aside from fouling and fighting, have also translated well to coaching. The Aces, and particularly A’ja Wilson, dominated virtually the entire game once they took the early lead. The Mystics were without their number 1, but the starting 5 did not really produce, Currie is really who held the Mystics together. If not for her the Mystics probably would have lost by 20. The Mystics still have a winning record, and a relatively strong showing early in the season, so I’m hopeful of better things to come. I will also be watching the Aces casually as they look like early Finals contenders behind the coaching of Bill Laimbeer.

Next up: Washington Mystics vs. Connecticut Sun, Sunday at 3:00p.m. EST

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