Ravens report card: 10/1/2017

The Baltimore Ravens lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 26 to 9.  The Ravens offense once again could not get the job done.  The defense held their own but did not force enough three and outs.

Quarterback: Joe Flacco played decent in the first half.  The Ravens had a good opening drive but it was mostly punts after that.  Flacco rarely had time to throw and his receivers continue to drop big plays.  Flacco tried to force some throws and had two interceptions to one touchdown.  A lot of factors are going into Flacco’s poor play.  Grade D

Running backs: Alex Collins continues to impress but he has aan issue holding onto the ball.  Collins fumbled once again and got benched for a short time.  Collins responded with a 50-yard run, that was a large part of the offense.  Buck Allen and Terrence West were shut down in the running game.  Grade D

Receivers: Mike Wallace finally came alive a little bit and had six receptions and a touchdown.  Wallace also dropped a deep ball that he needed to bring in.  Ben Watson has become Flacco’s safety blanket.  Buck Allen was also active in the passing game.  Brashad Perriman continues to disappoint.  Grade C

Offensive line: The offensive line has been destroyed by injuries and it is showing big time.  Ryan Jensen is not the answer at center, he keeps snapping the ball low giving Flacco trouble off the start.  The line allowed four sacks and rarely allowed the Ravens time to let plays develop.  Grade F

Defensive line: The defensive line is still missing Brandon Williams and it shows.  The line had no answers for the Steelers running game.  Le’Veon Bell had 144 rushing yards.  Grade D

Linebackers: C.J. Mosley had a good game leading the Ravens with 12 tackles.  The pass rush just was not there for the linebackers or defensive line.  Grade C

Secondary: Eric Weddle should have had a pick six which might have really changed the game.  Lardarius Webb had the only Ravens sack of the game.  This unit was decent all things considered.  They only allowed 216 passing yards.  Grade B

Special Teams: Tucker missed a long 62-yard field goal.  The Ravens special teams was their best unit, they had several good returns.  Sam Koch has some masterful punts. Grade B

Coaching staff: back-to-back games the Ravens were not prepared.  Injuries have played their role but still.  The Ravens offense has done nothing for two straight games.  The Ravens are not taking advantage of the talent that they have.  Grade F

Overall: Losing to your rival after getting blown out in London is not sitting well with fans.  These are two games the Ravens should have won.  Terrible performance by the offense.  Grade E

Brian Hradsky

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