Joe Flacco – Definitely NOT Elite Material Now

From a Mother’s Perspective


Joe Flacco

Did you see the game yesterday between the Steelers and the Ravens?  If not, you didn’t miss anything except Joe Flacco being Joe Flacco – unreliable and unpredictable.  Lets look by comparison at Flacco’s performance for the past three games:

Game CMP% YDS TD INT Rating
10/1 vs


63.3 235 1 2 64.6
9/24 @


44.4 28 0 2 12.0
9/17 vs


73.5 217 2 1 97.3
Regular Season 61.9 601 4 6 65.0
Career (2008-2017) 61.5 33,240 186 123 84.0

It doesn’t make any sense as to why Harbough does not give the second string or third string quarterback a chance on the field when it is obvious Flacco didn’t show up for the game.  Flacco doesn’t show up for most games and it is obvious to the fans when he isn’t there.
Those are not the numbers of an Elite quarterback.  The performance Joe Flacco gave in England was embarrassing; the performance against the Steelers was uninspired and sloppy.

Our defense cannot be on the field 90% of the game and give 100% each game.  Our defense is fantastic but the defense cannot win the games for us with no scores and no quarterback that is hungry for a win.

From this Mother’s Perspective it seems that Flacco isn’t being effective and its time to give another quarterback an opportunity.  Everyone is entitled to a bad game – we all have bad days – but Flacco seems to have more bad games than good games at this point.  This is the Flacco we are getting  while this is the Flacco we need 

Coach Harbough please wake up and see the handwriting on the wall – time to give another Raven an opportunity to bring a game to the win column or find a way to bring out the good Flacco who can be as asset to the team and a winner.

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