Preds get chippy and take Game 2 of Prospect showcase

Today was Game #2 of the Prospect showcase in Nashville, at least that is what it was supposed to be, instead, it felt like a game against the Phantoms in February. Let’s get to it!

Some changes to the lineup with Fehervary and Samsonov out and Logan Thompson in goal, I am interested to see Beck Warm, yes that’s his name.

1st Period
Kody Clark puts home a rebound to make it 1-0, get in there Kody!
From BHN

A very solid first period from Thompson with some wicked saves, including a few scramble saves too, I like seeing that in September
That’s all for the 1st period

Back in action for the 2nd

Nashville ties it, dang it, 1-1

Alexeyev gets blasted after a long shot, there is a scrum after the play, AA is down!

Here is the hit on AA at the end of the 2nd period, BOO, BOO ON YOU SIR!
From NOVACAPS on Twitter

Get ready for the 3rd period
Back at it and the Preds get a 5-minute major after the hit, so Caps have a 5 minute no release PP, you can call that in a Rookie game?

Nothing on the 5 minute PP,
Later, Pinho gets it back, that’s for AA, it’s 2-1 Caps, get in there!!

Now Kody Clark takes a high hit, is this the Predators or the Phantoms?!

Nashville ties it up, 2-2

Teams trades penalties but nothing of it as we are going to overtime!

Nashville scores, THAT’S THE END OF THE GAME!

Final thoughts: This was the opposite of yesterday’s game, this was a big physical game with high hits and chippy play. I am not sure a rookie tournament is the best place for this, Milwaukee and Hershey won’t play each other, so what is the point in taking players down?! We already lost Riley Sutter and now Alexeyev might be injured heading into TC with the vets. At least Kody Clark came back out for the shootout so there is some good news, I do like a tough physical hockey game, but I do not think this is the time and place for it.
The boys will be back at it on Tuesday Vs Tampa at 11AM EST! Bring the Tim Hortons and Bourbon, Caps Training Camp gets underway on Wed.

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