Orioles still waiting on Davis and Hardy to break out

T695px-J.J._Hardyhe Baltimore Orioles are 8 and 8 on the season and still waiting for some power to wake up. Chris Davis and J.J. Hardy are two Orioles that have yet to get on a hot streak.Davis And Hardy combined for 78 home runs last season and 16 games in only have one from Davis. Davis hit 53 homers last season and Hardy hit 25.

Hardy has yet to homer, though he has missed time with back spasms. Hardy never went on the DL but has only played 10 out of the 16 games the Orioles have played. The rain postponed game and off day last Thursday has made it hard for Hardy to get into a rhythm.


The weather has been very cold this spring and it could be part of the reason for the power outage but Davis has shown that he can knock it out of any park with any weather.

Davis has played every game this season, so he does not have the same excuses. Davis’ batting average is down to .255 which is low for Davis.

The Orioles have lacked homers this season and the lack of production from Davis and Hardy can not be over looked. I think both players will snap out of it and get hot when the weather turns around.

For now the Orioles have been hitting singles and doubles. It is too early to really worry about the Orioles power, most of their hitters are proven. I just hope that last season for Davis was not a one-time thing.  It looks like Davis will not break 50 home runs this year but it is still early enough for Davis to break out and hit 40 or more.

For Hardy, he has always been consistent, I think he will still hit 20-30 home runs for the Orioles.  Now that is looks like Hardy’s back is healthy I think he will start to turn things around.

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